IBM DataPower Gateway (IDG 8436) is going out of support !!!

By Purush Das • May 4, 2023

The 8436 DataPower appliances are not eligible for service extensions beyond 30 June 2023.

IBM® DataPower® Gateway is a purpose-built gateway that provides security, traffic control, mediation, and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B, and cloud workloads. It supports multi-cloud deployment and is available in Docker containers, Linux applications, VMware virtual machines, and physical appliance form factors.

DataPower physical appliances are supported for a minimum of five years, starting at the General Availability (GA) date of the new product. Beginning with the 8436 models, standard appliance service and support is available for five years from the end-of-marketing (EOM) date as described in the IBM Appliance Support Guide.

Deployment Form Factors

We can assist you with making critical decisions below for the ease of migration from Physical to Virtual Appliances

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