IBM API Connect v5/v2018 is going out of support!!!

IBM API Connect is an award winning complete, modern and intuitive API lifecycle platform to create, securely expose, manage and test APIs across clouds to power digital applications. It has three versions in the market: V10 (latest), V2018 and V5.0.x(oldest). Therefore, no surprise to hear that the End of Support(EOS) for the two oldest versions

API Connect V5 is already End of Support (EOS) after April 30, 2022 . Support Extensions are available for purchase through December 31, 2022.

V2018 will end after April 30, 2023.

By then, everyone using IBM API Connect V5 and APIC 2018 should upgrade to the new version – APIC v10.

V10 – Deployment Options

  • VMWare OVA support for clients to run on their existing established enterprise virtualization platform
  • New Docker-based images with K8 orchestration for container-based deployments on a customer managed K8 environment and OpenShift Container Platforms
  • API Gateway available in hardened cloud, virtual and physical appliance form factors to improve security and time to value
  • Unmatched scalability and performance through new container and microservices based design
  • Independently scale API Connect components leveraging container orchestration tools

V10s Improved Resiliency for Continuous Availability

  • Enterprise secure and cloud native install experience with Operators
  • High resiliency with two data-center clustering mapping to your infrastructure
  • Self-healing for continuous availability of the micro services within API Connect
  • Simplified and automated backup & restore reducing operations overhead

V10s Performance Improvements

  • Performance enhancements in every subsystem of the product (API Manager, Portal, Gateway, etc.)
  • Faster creation of provider organizations and auto-publishing of APIs
  • Optimized search runtime on User Interface

We can assist you with making critical decisions below for the ease of migration

  • Location: OnPremises, Cloud or Hybrid Deployment
  • Deployment form factor: OVAs, OpenShift or other K8s platform
  • Topology: HA and DR
  • Gateway Service native API Gateway or v5c
  • Licensing
  • Timeframe
  • Migration planning, execution & cutover

Our Offerings

  • Installation of IBM API Connect v10 on any Cloud/Red Hat OpenShift/On-Premises both in HA and DR architecture
  • V5/v2018 to v10 migration and cutover
  • API Architecture white boarding and provide technical blueprint including HA and DR
  • Deployment across Multi-Cloud Platform
  • GraphQL, REST and SOAP API Implementations
  • API Security using Mutual TLS, OAuth, OIDC & JWT
  • API Toolkit & Dev Ops approaches
  • Custom policy development using DataPower API Gateway
  • Dev Portal Customizations
  • Flexible Licensing Support(On-premises/Any Cloud)

Case study

If you plan to migrate, need help or advice, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure your migration goes as smooth as possible.

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